Easter Lilies are one of my favorite memories of spring growing up, and my grandmother’s house was completely surrounded by a rich sea of orange Tiger Lilies, so Lilies have been a very important part of my life.

However, my wife is a vet and she deals with cases every year of family pets being poisoned by these common and inspirational household plants.

Especially during Easter and, sadly, following funerals, people bring beautiful bouquets into their homes to commemorate the season or the passing of a loved one, and unknowingly expose their cats to lethal toxins.

Shockingly, just licking the pollen of an Easter Lily off of their fur can kill a cat, but these plants are frequently sold at grocery stores without any warnings of their toxicity to family companions.

After watching the horror of families having to deal with the sudden and completely unexpected death of their pets year after year, I decided that it was time to help spread the word, and – hopefully – eventually inspire the floral industry to begin labeling these plants as “Not Safe” for any home with a pet cat.