Cats And Flowers Make A Happy Home

Like the cute tabby in our cover picture contemplating a bouquet of roses, cats and flowers always make a home a happier and better place to be.

But cats have many allergies and some species-specific reactions to flowers that make it very important to choose plants and flowers for our home wisely, and with consideration for the health and happiness of our companions.

This website has in the past tried to warn of the dangers of lilies to cats. Our goal has never been to outlaw lilies or to make them harder to buy – but we do want to see warning labels on lilies and other plants that present dangers for cats, both in greenhouses and in grocery stores, so that those who own cats or who have cats in their homes can choose plants knowing the risks that are involved. Lilies are so prevalent in our world, and often a staple of home gardens and spring bouquets, that it’s sometimes hard to imagine just how dangerous they can be for cats, and too often people find out too late that they have exposed their cat to what are for them dangerous, or even lethal, plants.

And we’ll continue to look for ways to spread the word about┬áLily Nephrotoxicity in cats, and will continue to look for ways to add warning labels to plants that are particularly dangerous for cats in the places where they are most often sold, especially during holidays.

But we also want to encourage and promote plants that are both safe, and enriching for cats and their companions. Plants are such an important part of our cat’s lives, and having plants can not only enrich their environment, but give them peaceful and beautiful places to feel safe and loved.

So in the future on this site we’ll be talking more about plants that cats love, and that are safe for them, that can be used to brighten our homes and to make our yards more safe for our feline friends.