Author: Ciaran

Begonia - Toxic to cats!

Begonias – How to safely showcase these potentially toxic, but definitely beautiful, plants

Safe Or Not? NOT! The sap of begonias can be toxic or irritating to nearly everything, including humans. There are few flowers as recognizable and beautiful as begonias. From a distance, some of them – like the Begonia Reina (begonia x hiemalis) pictured here in my makeshift potting bench – look to me like miniature roses, and the color and bounty […]

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Cats And Flowers Make A Happy Home

Like the cute tabby in our cover picture contemplating a bouquet of roses, cats and flowers always make a home a happier and better place to be. But cats have many allergies and some species-specific reactions to flowers that make it very important to choose plants and flowers for our home wisely, and with consideration for the health and happiness […]

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Welcome Spring 2018!

Much has changed in our lives since we started this site, and now that we’re past the Easter holidays we will be recreating this site to match our new new live-styles and vision for this site. As a part of that, we’re removing many of the older pages from the site, and will be working on getting the site ready […]

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Easter Lilies are one of my favorite memories of spring growing up, and my grandmother’s house was completely surrounded by a rich sea of orange Tiger Lilies, so Lilies have been a very important part of my life. However, my wife is a vet and she deals with cases every year of family pets being poisoned by these common and […]

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